Sponsored by Auravision, ABIT Computer Corporation and MDDM Labs, the “shootout” was held over the three days of E3. Fatal1ty (Johnathan Wendel) took on 100 challengers, playing Unreal Tournament 2004 in four-minute matches. A $1,000 cash prize was offered to anyone who defeated him. Fatal1ty was unbeaten so no one claimed the prize. The cumulative score was Fatal1ty: 1,118 frags to Challengers: –22. During the entire shootout only one challenger scored a frag, doing so in a five (Fatal1ty) to one (Challenger) match.

Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel and the challengers at the event played UT2K4 on the first Fatal1ty – PWX Systems, and visitors got to see the first concept versions of the new and revolutionary Fatal1tyBox cases and PWX power supplies. In addition, visitors got a first look at the coming ABIT – Fatal1ty motherboards and graphics cards.

Scott Thirlwell, Marketing Director for ABIT Computer Corp., was elated with the success of the first Fatal1ty Shootout. “The positive reaction from the crowd of spectators and challengers exceeded our high expectations. “This is one more step toward establishment of the Fatal1ty brand for professional gaming hardware. We couldn’t be more pleased.”

Fatal1ty was equally excited about the competition. “I had a blast”, he said. “I got to meet and play against 100 people who were here to have fun, and maybe win a $1,000. I can’t wait to do this again.” He was also happy about the turnout from professional gamers and software developers. “Thanks to Tex, Infinite, & Polosatiy for showing up to the Fatal1ty100 Shootout to compete… Also thanks to Cliff Belenzki, Ksharp, Rambo, Boms, and many others who dropped by to see what we were all about and hang out for a while. We look forward to seeing you all again at future Fatal1tyShootout events!”

“We wanted people to visit our booth, meet Fatal1ty, and have fun competing against the best known gamer in the world,” said Steve Gould, Vice President of Operations at Auravision. “Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.”

“This is what you want at a trade show such as E3,” notes Dave Erickson of MDDM Labs. “As the developer of the PWX Gaming system, we wanted to see big crowds and introduce them to the Q4 launch of this powerful gaming computer. “We got what we wanted.”

The next Fatal1ty Shootout is scheduled to be held at Computex, in Taipei, Taiwan from June 1 through June 5 and another is planned for CES in January, 2005.

About Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel
Johnathan first got involved in tournaments when he heard about a CPL’s Frag3 Tournament that took place in October 1999. He won third there and was invited to represent the USA in Stockholm two weeks later where he won undefeated, winning all 18 maps against the top players in the world. He continued to dominate competitions all over the world, including in Singapore, St. Louis, Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Korea, Germany, Australia, Holland and Brazil, to name just a few.

At QuakeCon 2002, he faced off against his rival ZeRo4 in one of the most highly anticipated matches of the year and ended up winning the match in a 14-(-1) flawless victory. He went on to place third overall in the event and fourth at the World Cyber Games USA a few months later. To top it all off, he won CPL Pentium 4 Winter Champions in December for Unreal Tournament 2003, a victory which netted the CPL Champion of the Year for the third year in a row—and each year for victories in a different game. For more information, visit www.fatal1ty.com.

About MDDM and the Pro Weapon Experience (PWX™)
MDDM’s Marketing Driven Dynamic Management team is responsible for bringing to market the Fatality/PWX Fatbox™ System. MDDM, Inc. (www.mddmlabs.com) specializes in the design, development and manufacturing management of one of a kind electronic products. MDDM is the coordinator of the Fatal1ty Brain Trust, and is responsible for the Fatal1ty – PWX systems and the system related Fatal1ty computer products.

About JacLanPro.com
JacLanPro.com was started by a group of computer professionals, who want to make available some of the best computer products on the market, at the some of the best prices combined with great customer service.

JacLanPro has a decade of designing and manufacturing PC cases, and in partnering with MDDM has been able to make huge steps in case design and innovation. This has resulted in the Fatality/PWX Fatbox™ as well as the new line of JacLanPro cases that will be available starting in the 2nd quarter of 2004.

JacLanPro.com will be the computer modders choice for cases, motherboards, graphics cards, memory, hard drives and other products needed to make your machine a real screaming box! JacLanPro.com will also be an authorized dealer of the new Fatal1ty products, which were co-developed with the World Champion Gamer – Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel.

About Auravision Inc.
Auravision is a pioneer in the field of personal interface devices and has literally changed the way consumers and business professionals look at the computer workstation. With its first introduction of its patented ElectroLuminescent technology (EluminX), Auravision continues to lead the way in developing new computer peripherals and consumer electronic technologies designed to enhance the user’s experience.

Auravision’s gaming division will be releasing an entire line of professional gaming products under the Fatal1ty brand name after signing an exclusive, long-term master licensing agreement with leading gamer and three-time World Champion Gamer from the Cyberathlete Professional League, Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel.

In addition, Auravision’s licensing division will be working with leading companies to bring innovative products to market meeting the needs of a growing gaming lifestyle.

For more information on Auravision and its EluminX technology, visit www.auravision.com or www.eluminx.com.

About ABIT
Built for Gamers By Gamers, ABIT motherboards and graphic cards are an established favorite among PC novices and enthusiasts alike. Our unique approach to hardware design puts the user in the driver’s seat, delivering features that give users the flexibility to tweak and tune their systems to their satisfaction, while at the same time, ensuring complete stability.

ABIT Engineers – computer enthusiasts with a love for technology – develop innovation after innovation, squeezing every ounce of performance possible out of available technologies. This excellence in engineering, combined with the industry’s highest standards of quality, reliability, and stability, allows ABIT to deliver BulletProof Technology to the end user. From SoftMenu™ jumperless technology to µGuru™ interactive system management, our engineers use their technical know-how and passion for hardware to consistently develop products that not only meet the needs of even the most demanding PC enthusiast, but raise the bar by which all motherboards and graphic cards are judged.

For more information, visit www.abit.com.tw.

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