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Qzonfig.cfg = My config. = Mousefix that removes accell from XP and maybe Vista. = File that allows you to edit and change mhz rate of your USB port! = File you might need to upgrade some USB info to make sure the Setup.exe takes affect for the correct ports etc.


Windows XP or Vista: Mouse sensitivity 3/11
Windows XP
or Vista: No Accel – Use Mousefix.reg
Windows XP
or Vista: Acceleration CheckBox – UNCHECK


Note: Currently I have my refreshrate in game set to 0… You should find what highest Refresh Rate your monitor can withstand at the resolution you have selected and set “r_displayrefresh” to whatever that number is… The desired frequency is “r_displayrefresh 120” if your monitor can do that. Usually that only works on CRT’s or maybe the newest LCD’s! Maybe 60, 72, 85 are the only refresh rates you can reach, so set it to that. It will create a smoother picture. 120 is what you want though… After you set your r_displayrefresh, type vid_restart in console and that’ll make it take affect. Check your monitor frequency channels in its menus to see if it’s really reading at the refreshrate you put in.