Final Fantasy XIV

Square Enix has recently sent out beta codes for their new and supposedly improved Final Fantasy XIV.  When Final Fantasy XIV was released in September of 2010, the game was met with some harshly negative criticism. Even the launch of their servers was rocky at best. Many players reported an insanely high amount of lag and server rubber-banding. As the launch date passed, many more problems seemed to arise with the release of this much anticipated title. Gameplay was bland, the graphics were sub-par, some maps were just poorly designed, and the game and graphics engine seemed to need a re-haul. With all of these negativities becoming severely detrimental to the success of this title, the developers at Square Enix did something that was almost completely unheard of in the MMORPG market.

 On November 11 of 2012, Square Enix took down the Final Fantasy XIV servers. The developers took the time to listen to the complaints and criticism of its players, and took down the servers to revamp the entire game.  They promised to improve many of the features that players had problems with at the original launch, such as graphic designs and gameplay hiccups. Do you appreciate this type of interaction between Squaer Enix and the consumer?  Now they are ready to release the Final Fantasy XIV masterpiece that many Final Fantasy fanatics have been waiting for. If you kept up with the development of the new Final Fantasy XIV and signed up for the beta, you should have your codes waiting in your email’s inbox