So we have all heard the hype coming from Unreal Tournament 4 coming out maybe at E3, to a possible Quake 5, and a couple other companies releasing some new FPS titles…  I’m curious to see what you guys and gals think about what game would be the most exciting to play this Christmas?

I personally love the uber fast deathmatch style games where one can dominate a match, but a lot of games today are built so much around the team being one.  Do you guys want to see a deathmatch 1v1 game, or do you like the team based games?

Also what would be the best game mode for a future FPS game?  One that could attract mass amount of online FPS gamers.  These are things I’m just thinking about constantly, and I do plan on streaming all of these games when they come out!  I will be diving very deep into them, but at the end of the day, I will need to make a final choice on which game I will commit to more full time.  Which one will it be?  Unreal Tournament 4, Quake 5 or another FPS game???  I’m excited to see any of these games come out as they are the founding steps for me as a professional gamer.

Get online and compete!