Sniper Elite 3 just released two new modes, a new co-op mission, and three new multiplayer maps for free on the PS4. They also mentioned that the new content will be on the way to the other platforms soon. One of the newly released modes is a shooting range in which you are able to test all of the weapons within the game (this includes all DLC weapons) on 3 different ranges. It also has four challenges. This is going to be great for people deciding whether or not they want the DLC weapons, and which weapons are best suited for them. They also returned capture-the-flag, playable on three new maps named Fracture, Night Watch, and Outpost Canyon. There also is the new co-op mission, Twilight Strike, which has the player going to Tobruk to retake the town.  All of this free DLC came along with two new premium weapon packs. The first is International Camouflage Rifles, and the second is U.S. Camouflage Rifles. Each one is $2.99. It isn’t often that we see this free DLC anymore. It really is cool to see a game going out of it’s way to give quality free content. I also really like the idea of being able to test the DLC guns before purchase, it really would make me much more likely to purchase the weapons since I would really hate to buy the DLC blind. What do you guys think of this tactic? Should this ‘test before you buy’ DLC model be implemented in more games?


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