By Drew Martz

With Roguelike games like Spelunky and The Binding of Isaac becoming increasingly popular with hardcore and casual gamers alike, more and more developers are finding ways to innovate on the genre.  Milford Heaven – Luken’s Chronicles is a retro RPG Roguelike game that puts you in the driver’s seat of an unnamed warrior fighting against the titular Luken’s horde of monsters that are invading the small town of Milford Heaven.  With more than one hundred scenarios to explore, more than 20 unique monsters, and dozens of items to collect and use, Luken’s Chronicles has already gotten a number of positive reviews – and it’s only just been added to Steam Greenlight.

Milford Heaven 1

Two of the most obvious yet striking features of the game are its adorable, retro-styled, pixelated art and the omniscient point of view.  Players attack Luken’s monsters by clicking on them, dealing damage and trying to avoid return damage as much as possible.  Players receive gold, experience, and other items from defeating monsters and opening chests scattered throughout the map.  It’s your typical RPG faire, stylized with quaint graphics and sporting an equally simplistic and unique battle system.

Milford Heaven 2

Players can also explore an expansive overworld with tons of hidden goodies offered as a reward for interacting with the environment.  Once you enter Luken’s castle though, be prepared for even tougher enemies, but even better loot!  Also, the final battle with the Master of Vampires Luken is supposedly quite intense!

You can buy an Early Access version of Milford Heaven – Luken’s Chronicles via Splitplay now.  You can also vote for this game to be put on Steam via Steam Greenlight!


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