The indie developer Chris Hecker released the first official trailer for his game SpyParty. The trailer features old art and in-game footage as to give the viewer an honest look at where the game is now. On the game’s official site, Hecker mentioned that “I wanted this trailer to give the flavor of the game, but not explain too much. It should have a bit of a narrative arc and tell a light story, but nothing too distracting. In the end, I think it might be a bit confusing for complete strangers to SpyParty, but I hope people can figure it out from the video and the short description, and hopefully the trailer makes people who are just hearing about the game want to learn more.” SpyParty is a great game in which one player is the ‘spy’ trying to finish certain missions while the other player is a ‘sniper’ trying to pick out and shoot whoever seems the most suspicious! The game is currently in beta but really a lot of fun for friends to play. Have any of you guys tried the game out? What do you think of it so far?


Johnathan Wendel aka Fatal1ty is a 12 Time World Champion Video Gamer in 5 different games and Founder of Fatal1ty Gaming Gear. Follow him on Twitter here.


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