Okay, I been seeing comments on forums etc talking about us gamers not having lives outside of our hardcore training methods to be the best in the world or accelerating ourselves to get there.


I would say a gamer is just like an athlete training to be the best at tennis, hockey, football, music or anything else.  You have to live, love and be it if you want to get to the top!  That’s how it is with anything.  So yes, we do spend a lot of time training just like anyone else does in their profession, but we have weekends and holidays just like anyone else.


The great thing about being a professional gamer is that we get to travel all around the world for our profession.  We are not stuck in one country, so we get to explore the world.  Every time I travel for my profession, I plan an extra week to enjoy that region of the world.  Example, I’m going to Brazil end of this month for Sana Fest 2014 to play FPS games with the gamers down there.  After I finish, I will then fly to Sao Paulo and hang with some of my tech friends to enjoy 5-6 days there.


There is no difference of what our profession is and what anyone else’s profession is.  I actually think ours is pretty awesome!  We get to play games for a living and make money in the gaming world which is what we all love to do.


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Play it to the bone!