Games for Change is a non-profit group that “facilitates the creation and distribution of social impact games that serve as critical tools in humanitarian and educational efforts.” Their “about” page also states that, “We aim to leverage entertainment and engagement for social good. To further grow the field, Games for Change convenes multiple stakeholders, highlights best practices, incubates games, and helps create and direct investment into new projects.” The group announced the finalists for the Games for Change Awards. There were eight games that were chosen with three categories: Most Innovative, Most Significant Impact, and Best Gameplay. The nominees are:


This War of Mine, 11 bit Studios (Best Gameplay)


Never Alone, E-Line Media (Best Gameplay and Most Significant Impact)


MindLight, GainPlay Studio and The PlayNice Institute (Most Significant Impact)


Bounden, Game Oven (Most Innovative)


That’s Your Right, Filament Games (Best Gameplay)


Zoo U, 3C Institute (Most Significant Impact)


Skip A Beat, Happitech (Most Innovative)


Parable of the Polygons, Nicky Case and Vi Hart (Most Innovative)


The Game Changer Award will also be given to Tracy Fullerton, who is the director of the USC Games Program as well as the associate professor/chair of the Interactive Media and Games Division of the USC School of Cinematic Arts. All of the awards will be presented during the Games for Change Festival in the NYU Skirball Center, April 22.

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