Today I am going to tell you what I thought stood out in the world of gaming in 2014. I’m not saying these games are the best but I am going to talk about what they did that stood out amongst the many other contenders.


Dragon Age: Inquisition, This game was all around good, but the reason I am putting this game as a stand out in 2014 is because the size of it. This game can take you over 60 hours to beat. That alone is an amazing feature, but that isn’t it. The lands are beautiful and huge, the characters are interesting and the enemies have great design. Imagine how it felt when you first watched Lord of The Rings trilogy, that epic open feeling comes sweeping back over you when you start up Dragon Age.


Speaking of Lord of The Rings; Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor brought something massive to the table. The nemesis system; Shadow of Mordor introduced this new idea for gaming and it is fantastic it turns revenge into an art form. You learn to plot against the enemies who have killed you and it is overall a great system that I would love to see in more games in the future.


Dark Souls 2 came out in the beginning of the year but never stayed out of my view not even when the massive tidal wave of game releases hit in November. That is because Dark Souls 2 does a few things differently but right. The difficulty is what The Souls genre became famous for a game where you will die over and over again but in doing so you become a little bit better every time. Difficulty is something a lot of games have put in the waysides to make the game more available to everyone. The other thing it does better than the rest is the idea of player vs player, in Dark Souls 2 you invade other players’ worlds to kill them or vice versa.


Those were some of the games that stood out and I felt like they brought something new to gaming. While there were many other great games that came out this year some even better than these I thought these were what stood out amongst the crowd. But, this is just my opinion and I’m sure all of you have your own so how about you tell us what you think. Until next time this is Qzilla and for more stories about what is going on in the gaming world check out more blogs at



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