1. Like the game.

I know this seems like an obvious idea but hear me out. Sometimes you might really want a game but all of your friends are getting another so you cave decide to buy that game and end up getting buyer’s remorse when you don’t like it. I’m not saying don’t let your friends influence what you buy, I am more saying don’t let that be the only thing that influences your decision. That being said friends do help make games more fun and you can have some common things to talk about which leads me into my next topic.

  1. Longevity and Story

Are you someone who can beat a game in six hours and say I am satisfied or do you need more? If you are like myself and prefer games that take longer than a day to get all you can get out of it then I would recommend Sandbox, RPG, or games that have multiple play throughs. Those types of games are your best bet for single player longevity. In my opinion the best way to get longevity in your game is through multiplayer. Multiplayer offers something single player doesn’t, interaction with other players, the ability to best your fellow man is a feeling that only multiplayer can give you. On the other hand some people can be satisfied with a really good story in a game even if it only takes them a few hours to beat.

  1. Wait

Before you jump into the water head first wait and see if the game is what you thought it was going to be. Read some reviews look online for what people are saying about. You can even watch some gameplay from many of the let’s play you tubers. Then once you are sure it is what you want buy it.

These are my tips on how to get more for your money and how to make sure you are getting what you want.


In the end it is your money and you can spend however you like. Until next time this is Qzilla and for more stories about what is going on in the gaming world check out more blogs at Fatal1ty.com.



Quentin SmithQuentin Smith is a college student studying Telecommunications at Ball State University. He loves gaming, movies, and television. Quote: “One day I hope I can sit around and play video games for a living but until then I will follow my other passion writing.”