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The Good Old Days of Quake 3


Saw this funky picture while browsing Reddit in my down time. It’s basically a picture of a guy in what is apparently a lecture hall playing a game on his iPhone with an interesting keyboard and mouse setup. That game is none other than Quake 3! This picture was definitely a blast from the past for me as I pretty much used to do the same thing! Obviously not like THAT with an iPhone though!

I had this tech job back in the day while I was still an aspiring professional gamer doing customer service. During the job I used to try to sneak in some Quake a few times! I would struggle through playing window mode all for my love of the game in between customer service duties. On top of that, in High School my awesome History 101 teacher would let me play during lunch time! That was definitely one of the highlights of my school.

Though, I can’t imagine playing Quake on a tiny iPhone screen with a keyboard and mouse like this guy is doing. Ton of respect to him for being able to! I would get so dizzy trying to play on my iPhone like that.