Google will soon be buying the popular streaming network Twitch for $1 billion dollars, GameBeat reports. “The deal underscores the value of live Internet streaming and the rise of competitive gaming as a spectator sport – something that draws millions of viewers, can offer prize pools that surpass pro golf’s marquee events, and provides a multibillion dollar opportunity for advertisers” they stated.


Google now will potentially own both YouTube and Twitch. This will give them a large foothold within the video game recording world. How do you think this could affect both sites? Would YouTube/Twitch integration be something you would be interested in? I think that it could be really great for Google to buy Twitch, hopefully helping it to continue to grow and become better for us who use it. On the other hand, people have had problems with Google’s decisions with Youtube lately. Do you have positive or negative feelings about this acquisition?

Johnathan Wendel aka Fatal1ty is a 12 Time World Champion Video Gamer in 5 different games and Founder of Fatal1ty Gaming Gear. Follow him on Twitter here.



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