HBO’s Real Sports Gaming Coverage

I was extremely excited to hear that HBO’s Real Sports show was covering League of Legends as a sport. On an episode earlier this week, HBO delved into E-sports and, though there were some inappropriate and unfortunate mentions about nerd stereotypes, they did a pretty good job! I was slightly worried that E-sports would be badly represented, but the reporter was well-informed and they even went to interview Scarra, as well as Dustin Beck from Riot.

The report did a great job of validating Riot’s League of Legends and E-sports in general, and they made a point of stating that they are nothing to joke about. One statistic that came out during an interview with Dustin Beck was that League of Legends pro games can draw more viewers than an average NFL game, up to four times more!


I think this coverage, though not perfect, is really great for E-sports. For all of us within the competitive gaming community, it proves that we really are growing and becoming a sport that is taken seriously by a growing number of people. It really has been a long time coming and I am extremely excited to watch something grow that I have been involved with for so long. With League of Legend’s release anniversary coming up soon (It came out only on October 27th, 2009!), it really puts into perspective how quickly E-sports is evolving, especially within the MOBA genre.