With GTA V just getting its long over do heist missions and Battlefield Hardline coming out soon I figure now is as good of a time as ever to talk about bank robbing games and the dos and don’ts of the genre. A good game to look at that involves heisting is Payday 2. This is the game I will be using as a point of reference for what a heisting game should have.

The first big rule of heist games is you have to let the player plan the heist. Like in Payday 2 the pre-game lobby allows you to decide how you are going to tackle the challenges ahead. Deciding whether you want to stealthily take out each guard, and keep the civilians quiet while you break in the vault, or go in guns blazing is a big deal to the player. This is a major issue that I am seeing with Hardline there is no choice in the matter you go in guns blazing and that’s it.

The reason we all heist is for the loot. So you have to tempt the players to do the missions by promising a big payout. Payday 2 does this really well, but the issue with the loot system is you can only spend your money on things that are going to help you rob more banks. This is where GTA V gets it right, once you get your cash you can go spend it on flashy cars and giant mansions.

Now that I think of it, those are really the two big things that make or break a bank robbing game. But, this is all my opinion, tell me what you think. For more blogs about gaming go to Fatal1ty.com.  Until next time this is Qzilla and tell me what you’re playing.

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Quentin Smith

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