Dustin Browder, the Game Director for Heroes of the Storm and StarCraft 2, was recently interviewed by PC Gamer to talk more about the game. He started off by talking about how HOTS isn’t trying to go for any part of the market in particular, they are just trying to make the coolest game they can, and attracting an audience that way. He also mentioned that it was important for them to start at the source. Many of the people on the team were big fans of Aeon of Strife, Defense of the Ancients, and even played DOTA 2 and League of Legends. They then got together: “we went back to the source, we went back to the Aeon of Strife maps that we were playing back in the early 2000s in Warcraft 3 and we imagined “what would we develop if we were thinking about where those games were going?” As opposed to starting with what’s out there today, we started with what we imagined the genre was doing ten years ago, and it took us to a very different place.”

He talks a lot about the belief that “easy to learn, difficult to master” is very important, where both of these elements can really be influenced by clean game pieces. That is why they try to keep simplicity of design. He also mentions the importance of polishing, but how it’s important to know they aren’t letting it slow them down.

One of the most interesting parts of the interview involves him talking about the upcoming characters and maps. “have like another six that are being tested internally, and I get confused because I play that at the office and I play a different version at home. […] We’re just going to keep adding heroes forever until we get sick of it and stop at this point. There’s no secret number and there’s no number that determines when we launch.” He also says “We’re gonna keep adding more, definitely the rate of growth on maps is not gonna slow or stop until we say so. Until somebody tells us “dude, too many maps” or whatever. We’re adding them as frequently as we can, and we’re going to keep adding them as frequently as we can, even after launch. What you’re seeing now is not a burst of speed prior to launch. This is the pace that we’re hoping to continue developing at going forward. We’re gonna add game modes, we’re gonna add new heroes, we’re gonna add new battlegrounds. Our goal for this game is to communicate with our audience to the best of our ability that you haven’t seen anything yet. We don’t want this game to become stale. We do not want this game to become repetitive. We want this game to constantly evolve.”

Do any of you play Heroes of the Storm? How do you feel about these philosophies and ideas? How many more heroes/maps would you like to see, or do you think the game is good how it is?

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