How Similar Will the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Be?

By: Jerrie Rui



Final Fantasy 7 is a title often lauded as one of the greatest RPGs of all time. In the aftermath of Sony’s jaw-dropping announcement that the legendary title would be receiving a remake, I’ve began to wonder what a modern Final Fantasy 7 could look like. Square Enix is a different company than it was back then, and I’m sure that the changes in design philosophy will reflect on the title.

Square Enix has indeed began production on the remake, which will hopefully put it in the time frame of a 2017-2018 release, that is if it doesn’t go through an 8 year development period. Final Fantasy 7 can end up being anything. It can be a title that pays homage to the legacy of the original, or it can be a completely reimagined game that explores new horizons. Here are some reasons why I think the FF7 should be very different from the original.


Voice Acting- One of the biggest differences that the remake could have from the original would be voice acting. Personally, from watching the trailer, I’ve deduced that FF7 will indeed be voice acted. I feel that the remake will be a complete reimagining more akin to advent children than a faithful tribute to the original. The remake needs voice acting to stay afloat in the modern game market and that it’s a little silly not to not include it for the sake of preserving integrity. I mean even Fallout 4 has voice acting now!

Then again, I’m sure some diehard fans will be off put by this feature. If there is voice acting, you can expect many other things to change.

Story- The introduction of voice acting will surely change many aspects of the story as some of the original dialogue simply isn’t fit for voicing. Additionally, those who hold FF7’s story in high regard may be seeing it through nostalgia-shaded glasses. While FF7’s story was certainly solid for its time, the game industry has definitely upped its standard in storytelling over the last decade. Quality stories like The Last of Us and Mass Effect have brought game narrative to the same echelon as movies. Also, some scenes in FF7’s story might not sit well with modern audiences. With that said, I feel that FF7’s story will fare best with an overhaul and update, starting with a complete retranslation.


Combat- FF7’s ATB combat system is a far cry from the action-oriented combat that dominates modern RPGs. For this reason, I believe the turn based combat has to go. It simply doesn’t mesh well with the trends of the industry. Square should adopt a more action-focused combat system so that modern audiences can enjoy it, similar to what we’ve seen in Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy 15. I think the over-the-top presentation seen in Advent Children should be a big influence for this title. Ultimately, the combat system needs to be enjoyable for the largest possible audience. Though it may appease diehard fans, turn based combat just isn’t worth investing millions of dollars into.

Final Fantasy 7 is a franchise that has a lot of brand power and legacy behind it. Square Enix should focus on striking a balance between satisfying diehard fans and opening the gates to new players. Ultimately, a Final Fantasy 7 remake could lead to the franchise growing larger than ever and pave the way for future titles set in the world.


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