Like most games, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has some bugs after it’s launch. Recently, the developer Sledgehammer Games posted a blog detailing what they are currently working to polish. “Our team has been working hard on improvements to the game” the blog states, “We’ve also had our ears to the ground, listening to your feedback. Our commitment to continuing to support the game and community is as strong as ever, and we have the whole team focused on making the experience the best it can be.”

Within the post they list what they are going to be working on, including prestige reset issues, changes to the in-game chat names notification placement, fixes for weapon reloads counting as speed reloads, optimizations to connectivity, and a few other things. A lot of the mentioned fixes are often complained about, so it will be good for them to take care of them.

It always is very interesting to see how companies handle the dreaded but always-present launch issues. It seems that every big online game has stumbled across them, and different companies handle the issues very different. Some are really good about jumping on top of the problems that are complained about, and others ignore the problems completely! What have been your experiences with launch issues? Are there any extremely memorable situations you can recall?


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