Indie Game Spotlight – Long Live The Queen

By – Drew Martz

Hey, everyone, and welcome back to another Indie Game Spotlight! You know, one thing you might not know about me is that I’m a big fan of Japanese culture. I’m not a huge anime or manga connoisseur, but boy do I love me a good old dosage of JRPG sometimes. However, this week, we’re taking on another widely-known Japanese-style genre: the visual novel! We’ll be shining the spotlight on Long Live The Queen.


Long Live The Queen is a visual novel role-playing game developed by Hanako Games. Players follow the journey of a young princess named Elodie as she prepares for her coronation following her mother’s death. True to the genre of the game, the story is able to take a wide variety of turns that are determined by the player’s actions. However, there is a very basic frame story to get the player started. The Queen of Nova is dead, leaving the 14-year-old crown princess Elodie the only heir to the throne. Her coronation is only 40 weeks away, but there are many people in the kingdom vying for the throne, and they will resort to anything to acquire it. Will Elodie survive until the coronation? What about the mysterious secret surrounding the Queen? How on Earth are so many people getting away with attempts on a royal’s life? Your actions will determine the answers.


Players are tasked with the protection of Elodie, ensuring she reaches the coronation by Week 40. Elodie has 45 different attributes to increase, and they all start at 0. At the beginning of each week, the player is prompted to select which two classes Elodie will take, each of which increase a single attribute by a set amount. This amount is influenced by what emotion Elodie is feeling most that week, which can also be manipulated by selecting how you spend your weekends after the events of each week. After you select your classes and your attributes are increased, a predetermined event occurs depending on the week. These events may or may not contain “attribute checks”, which you can pass or fail depending on how you decided to raise your stats. For example, one event could be that you may or may not trip and fall down the stairs. If you have taken enough classes in composure or elegance, you may pass the check and not fall down the stairs, otherwise the check is failed and you will. Maybe that will kill you. A lot of things kill you. Therefore, you must plan your classes and attribute gains very carefully to receive the desired results for checks. If you plan well enough, Elodie will reach her coronation and the game is won.


Another mechanic that will drastically affect your chances of reaching Elodie’s coronation is your relationship with neighboring kingdoms. You will often be asked to make important decisions that will affect your diplomatic relationships with that kingdom. If that relationship falls through completely, they may decide to strike Nova while its weak and invade you. Keeping these relationships strong while not sacrificing the integrity of your kingdom will be important on your path to queendom. Alternatively, you could just become an evil magical girl warlord and rule over everyone with an iron fist and a mastery of powerful Lumen magic. Your choice. Aesthetic wise, as previously mentioned, Long Live The Queen utilizes an anime-style aesthetic, designed with a more feminine appeal in mind. However, despite this, the game has numerous darker themes that allow this game to be applicable to many different people outside the target market. The orchestral music can be repetitive at times, but is overall very fitting for the title.


Long Live The Queen is a great game to play when you want something that is extremely easy-to-play mechanically, but challenging mentally. It truly is as much puzzle game as it is visual novel or role-playing. You must always be thinking one step ahead of the game, thinking about what checks are coming next and how you can prepare for them. That being said, knowing about what checks are coming does make the game rather predictable, but the game does have massive replayability due to the numerous branches you can split off on during the story. One decision may lose you the game, but going back and trying the other option could very well take you to the victory. Maybe you’ll try a different strategy in terms of attribute gain? Or maybe you won’t mercilessly slaughter this peasant who dared to defy you? You’d be surprised what will and won’t get you killed in this game, that’s for sure. And that’s the appeal, in my opinion! You can buy Long Live The Queen on Steam now for $9.99.

That’s all for this week! See you guys next time!


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