Hello Fatal1ty Game Gear supporters I would like to introduce myself as the newest Intern Benny Guardiola and for my premiere blog I’ll be discussing the Beta of Infinite Crisis. Infinite Crisis is an amazing MOBA (Multi Online Battle Arena) game that pits the Legends of the DC universe against each other while they battle it out to save or destroy the earth. The  Entire DC Universe is up for grabs in this game from Batman, Superman, Shazam, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn to some not so well known versions of the Heroes like Gaslight Batman, Mecha Wonder Woman and Nightmare Superman. The game play pits five players from each team as they try for either domination of the map or complete destruction of the enemies base.

So the way I rate games are 1. Story, 2. Game play, 3.Characters, 4.Art, 5.Overall Enjoyment. The Story is solid the good guys from the DC universe are trying to keep the world together as a meteor hurtles toward earth threatening the DC Multi-verse. I think its great having all of the DC legends battling it out side by side to save their home world. Game play is actually not difficult I was able to get the hang of it within a few turns, the tutorial in the beginning was a great help also the pop up hints during matches. As far as Characters go I can’t complain the heroes are exactly as they should be, Batman is a serious detective, Joker a laughing mad man, Shazam a good kid in a god’s body the I.C. team did their homework. Art, to be honest during game play it is difficult to concentrate on the background when your worried the enemy players are gonna launch an attack but from what i did see they took their time making things look right you could tell there were some comic nerds on staff. My overall enjoyment of the game had a few things connected to them that will mess with my judgment, first I.C. is a game that whoever invests the most money gets the best characters, everyone else will get to pick from the weeks free character list. I.C. is a game that you can’t win on your own, it is a heavy teamwork game and if you have poor teammates you’ll have a poor match.

My final judgment on the Infinite Crisis Beta is 90/100. I.C. is still in Beta mode so I’m sure the lag, the long wait time for a game to start and the lack of maps will be fixed once it’s ready to go public. The fact that people can buy their way to power house heroes does annoy me but being a veteran of the Beta I can stand up to the inexperienced headliners. I hope you all enjoyed my review of the Infinite Crisis Beta and you will download it for yourself to see just how awesome this game really is.


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