Hey there Fatal1ty fans it’s your friendly neighborhood Intern Benny here to drop some more gaming knowledge on you. This week’s episode is on Infinite Crisis’ Kings of the Crisis tournaments. Infinite crisis if you’re not familiar with This MOBA Game, please read my debut post cuz I’m not typing all that stuff again. https://fatal1ty.com/infinite-crisis-beta-review/

So like all great MOBA games Infinite Crisis has gotten so popular that it has made the great players want to decide who among them is the best. That is where the Tournament part comes in these Elite of the game have anted up and put it all on the line for victory. The pot is up to $20K and teams are all biting at the bit to get their share of that 20K pie.

So what does it take to kick ass in the Infinite Crisis tournament? Well first and foremost you need the equipment. Frames per second are important to this game and a few fps can decide who wins and who sees it ten seconds later. Second you need a great team, which not only know the game but have a range of playable characters. I myself love Batman he’s a great bruiser and with awesome damage and life steal, but due to the ranking player games you don’t always get who you want. I have trained myself to use the ranged character Green Arrow, with his ranged attack style and different firing stances that add different bonuses to each attack. You’ll also need a great team name with a cool unifying look. The look isn’t for the fans no… it’s for intimidation, you wanna show how close you guys are, how badass you are as a unit.  So now you have a great system, great flexible teammates, a team name, a cool look and the biggest, most important thing is strategy. That’s right kids you have to be like Batman and think of every angle and every contingency plan and execute with pin point precision.

The winners of Season one finals were Dignitas (pictured). They played a great game vs. Na’Vi but in the end pulled ahead and won using all the elements of the game and awesome teamwork. The prize money was split among the team mates and they rejoiced the way gamers do, they looked happily awkward at each other and took in a breath of relief. If you want to check out the epic battle you can catch it here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnCuuoL0s7c#t=574

If you feel like your team has the chops join the Kings of Crisis tournament log on to Infinitecrisis.com and sign up for the next tournament since this one is about half way done if you want to catch the action this year and get ready for next year. Here is the schedule (on the bottom).

So use Intern Benny’s or my gamer identity Kuro-gane’s tips if you want, I’m not saying I’m awesome at this game or anything but I’ve been here since the beginning. I’ve seen every patch, every upgrade and every introduction to a new character, and the biggest piece of advice I can give as a veteran is to train and rework your items. Like any MOBA you wanna match the character and its items to your player style whatever you’re good at work it and rework it until you’re unstoppable. Now go….go win your share of $20k and when you do don’t forget your uncle Intern Benny. Happy gaming.

November 5th – EU
November 12th – NA
November 19th – EU
November 26th – EU
December 3rd – NA
December 10th – NA
December 17th – EU


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