John Carmack Joins Oculus Rift as CTO

After the QuakeCon event earlier this month it was revealed that the famous John Carmack of Id Software would be joining Oculus Rift, known for their virtual reality headsets, as CTO. Many were afraid this meant bad news for Id Software, as Carmack would be leaving right after it was announced Todd Hollenstead would be leaving as well. The company came out, however, and revealed that Carmack’s work with Oculus Rift wouldn’t affect him with Id Software. Now after the GDC Europe conference, it’s we know what Carmack has been working on for Oculus Rift.

At GDC Europe it was revealed that Carmack’s been working on the Oculus Rift’s SDK and has been especially interested in the Mobile aspect of it. Carmack has lately been interested in the Mobile side of development. Back in June Carmack told the media how much he liked the idea of mobile games. Under Id Software, he even had a ton of titles pushed to mobile gaming, including the classic Doom, Wolfenstein, and the recent Rage.


The news that Oculus Rift would support mobile devices came around June as well, and this GDC Europe reveal added more details to that, like the fact that Android support is just around the corner.

Honestly the whole concept around the Oculus Rift is very intriguing to me. I even had the chance to try the device out at a gaming convention and even though it was still early in development the device impressed me a lot. As a gamer this would open up so many more doors of pure fun. I mean, who hasn’t day dreamed about being a video game character or looked at a futuristic movie with a virtual reality device and wanted to play around with that? Well, Oculus Rift is making that a reality. I can’t wait to see what they have in mind for mobile support as well.



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