Keeping Calm in Tournament Situations

Here I want to share some of my tips and tricks on how I stayed calm and collective during tournaments.

First thing is confidence.  You have to believe your better than the other guy, and have some thought process of how your going to get the job done.  Every time I entered a match, I had a game plan and rules I set for myself.  I will not extend myself to far, I will play controlled, I will get the first kill.  These are the thoughts that go through my mind.

Second, I was superstitious.  I had my lucky tiger smU on top of my monitor for good luck, and also help me get into competition mode.  It set my mind that I have to kill my opponent, and even when he’s already lost, I need to kill him again.  There has to be NO MERCY!  If you let up against me, or any top level player, they will make you pay.

Third was stability.  Whenever you see me play in a tournament, I’m in a chair that does not have wheels or leans back.  It’s very important to be as stable as possible when competing.  I also crossed my ankles to keep my knee from bouncing. This helped a lot with keeping my nerves to ZERO.

Fourth was proper clothing.  I forever wore a pullover fleece to keep me warm at tournaments.  If your cold, your reflexes will be cold.  You want to be fluid and on fire.  So staying warm and loose is the way to go.

Fifth was always making sure my hands and mouse were very clean.  If your sweating, your losing grip on the mouse.

I hope this helps some of you gamers out when you play your next big tournament.  I know it helped me a lot and definitely gave me an edge over my competition.  I can’t tell you how many times people came up to me and said, “I was shaking the whole game.”

Just make sure its not you!