League of Legends


League of Legends Honor System

Riot Games introduced a point system in League of Legends in the beginning of October 2012 called the Honor system. This was basically the opposite of the reporting system. In that, you would report a player for mostly being bad mannered, but this honor system would be the other side to that coin. Instead of only being able to report these bad players, you got to honor the good ones. Were people friendly? Were they helpful, or really good team players? Were your opponents honorable? You would now be able to give them points if they were.

I briefly mentioned the honor system when it was first released on my facebook. I thought the idea was decent and was interested to see how it would affect the community. After a couple of months with this new system, I have to say it really works. In the past, you would almost always get the few rotten apples of the group raging or being bad mannered. Just generally causing people to have a bad time whether they were winning or losing, or if they wanted to troll. I feel as though ever since the honor system was released this has dropped down a bit. Now, you get people during and after the game worried more about having people honor them than about raging or being bad. People care about being honored, they won’t those points! Trolls will always be trolls, but I feel some of them now are more interested in getting honored than anything else now.

With the way Riot’s been going with this new system, I don’t blame them. For now, if you’re honored up to a certain point you get a nice badge around the border of your name when you’re in the champion select screen, and one when you’re in the loading screen. This is just the very bare minimum of what they can do to reward people for being honored. I love imagining the other stuff they can do. It sure beats getting reported and suspended for bad behavior.