As a majority of my gaming is done on pc I know a thing or two about sales. With

Steam’s constant sales and Origin starting to compete with their own great deals why is it that

we see a sale for a game that we might not even want but we still jump at the opportunity.

The first thought that comes to mind is one that I have a lot when I see a game that is

only two dollars and, that is well it is only two dollars. When we see something that is so cheap

we have the thought what could it hurt. Ideally it really can’t hurt which is one great thing about

these sales. They allow you to try your taste at many different things for a cheap and not too

risky price.

Another thing I always think about when I see the 90% off a major game is, how on earth

can they do that. The answer is actually really simple and also explains why these sales are

possible for pc gaming so often and not for other consoles. When publishers sale their game on

pc they don’t send a mass of keys to Steam or Origin they send them as the games are bought

so as people buy games keys are given. So when a popular game starts to not sale as much as

it was you slap a 25% off sticker and chances are you have already made your money back so

you are just making more money.

This also explains why consoles don’t see as many sales. Publishers have to use

businesses to sale their games. So they send bulk amounts of their games to places and in

order to make their money back they have to keep their games full price for as long as possible

until they have to lower their prices.

What’s the best deal you have ever got on a game let us know. Until next time this is

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