If you watched Nintendo’s presentation at the E3 conference this year, you may have seen the new game Mario Maker. This game allows you to build and play your own Mario levels with a friendly, simple interface. Recently, in an interview with US Gamer, Takashi Tezuka (the producer) talked about about the online sharing of the levels. “I would like to consider doing something like [online sharing] with Mario Maker, there is a challenge there, though. If you create something and upload it somewhere, of course you want as many people as possible to see it. Naturally, the most popular courses will be seen and played by others, but those that don’t have that top spot may not attract the same number of eyeballs for people looking at them.” He also commented in this interview about bringing the game to the 3DS in the future potentially. “I don’t know if a 3DS version would work the same exact way, but maybe if Mario Maker does well on Wii U and people really love it, I might consider doing something for 3DS.”

This game is going to launch in early 2015 for the Wii U.

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