Media Highlight: NEW Fatal1ty 750W Power Supply

The first reviews are coming in after our official launch this morning, and the team at Pure Overclock, a gaming and enthusiast oriented review site, gave the new Fatal1ty 750W model an Editor’s Choice Award for price, performance, and style.


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“From a performance standpoint, the Fatal1ty 750W has excellent voltage regulation and ripple suppression, easily handling everything we tossed at it, and even when mildly overloaded. We didn’t experience any drop-off in the +12V rail when we pushed things to the limit.”
“As far as noise goes, the fan is very quiet when running at low RPMs under minimal load.”
“The Fatal1ty 750W looks to continue the tradition of strong power supplies by OCZ, and this unit successfully accomplishes that, delivering great features and excellent performance.”
“If you want something showy that doesn’t break the bank, the OCZ Fatal1ty Series 750W is an excellent option, bringing a solid combination of excellent performance, build quality, and styling in an affordable package.”