New characters for Mortal Kombat X have been revealed! The first was the Predator, which was revealed within the game’s season pass’ description on the Xbox Games Store! “Kombat Pack grants early access to 4 new playable characters and skin packs. Stalk and slash your opponents as Horror Icon Jason Voorhees, or play as Predator, the Ultimate Hunter.” The Predator, of course, is the famous creature from the film Predator from 1987. Later, an official video was released showing all of the characters in this pack. They are Jason Vorhees, Tanya, Tremor, and the Predator. This video can be seen here.

Also revealed was Erron Black. He is a gunslinger that was actually revealed in the Mortal Kombat X prequel comic. There was a screenshot leak that previously hinted at his appearance, but a trailer has confirmed his place on the roster. As previously said, he is a gunslinger with a cowboy aesthetic, and has dual pistols. He also is armed with bombs that are filled with sand, and caltrops.

Which character are you guys most excited for in Mortal Kombat X? What about least excited for?

 mortal kombat x pic 2

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