My Mission in Life

Friend to Friend…

Fatal1ty Gaming Gear was created by myself in 2002.  I’ve always had a desire for hardware (gaming products), as I use the products to game and play at the highest level.  That’s why I built a brand for gamers.

With 20 years of knowledge of online gaming since the DOOM days (1994), to playing the most current games, I know what it takes to win. Companies that I’ve worked with asked to sponsor me, and I told them “NO”.  I don’t want to be sponsored in the product world.  I want to make my own gaming product line.

I felt the market was too saturated with all these TECH BRANDS…  The consumer didn’t know what brand to buy, to GAME on.  With my brand, you can easily know this product is good to game on, because that has always been my MAIN FOCUS.


How does it work?  I worked out a deal to co-develop products together with manufacturers which makes it easier for both parties to get distribution and develop products.  Working with the engineers on product development, is the most fulfilling part of my job.  I love TESTING products out, and seeing which one is better and will give me that EDGE I’m looking for. Knowing how to get every inch out of a gaming product is one of my skills.

Mainstream doesn’t know what gives them the edge in the virtual world, so I try to educate them and improve their gameplay as much as possible. I guarantee most gamers out there would improve their game, by taking a few tips and tricks from me. I’m not talking about tips and tricks only in the game, but also setting up the PC correctly and using the right equipment.  That’s my whole focus NOW.  I will do whatever it takes to educate people, and help them enjoy their gaming experience.

I hope this better explains where my heart is with my company, and how it started.  Literally my first product was a mousepad which I made $50,000 off of in 5 months.  I sold it globally, and did all the sales calls myself.  Made my own website, shipping, packaging, design, etc, etc, etc.  Typical entrepreneur spirit.  I live and breathe games and technology.  I’m always trying to improve and get better and definitely listen to peoples’ advice before making the final decision.

How this happened and took off?  I turned down a $200,000 sponsorship.  I’m not interested in being a sell out to a corporation.  I believe in Fatal1ty Gaming Gear as a brand for gamers.  I took a huge gamble in 2005 and it paid off big!  Today I make royalties on all my gear globally and still own my Trademark, “Fatal1ty” 100%.  Glad I didn’t bite at my first offer…

I’m so lucky.  Thanks to CREATIVE, OCZ TECHNOLOGY, ASROCK and all the gamers that believe in my mission.

I’m not a SUIT, I’m a GAMER. This is my life.

Johnathan Wendel from Kansas City, Missouri