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New Firefall League Idea

Another game I’ve been playing lately is Firefall.  Still in its beta stages – it’s an awesome FPS MMO with some great PvP action. The company behind it, Red 5 Studios, is currently trying to develop it into a great eSports’ title. They have been crafting and balancing their PvP and creating awesome eSports’ community plans. By their dedication alone, they’ve been able to win over a lot of the community, and some community members are taking it upon themselves to help out so this game can become a great eSports’ title.

One of them goes by the name of Drogith and he’s developed an idea for a competitive league called Mustang which will really foster the competitive community for Firefall.   It would take place over a 3 month period with a special, mid-season tournament and a finals to determine its Season Champion.

Each week will have two days of matches; one for TDM and one for OCT. I really like the idea for this league because it’s stuff like this that a start up eSports community really needs! I think Firefall has a very bright eSports’ future, and it’s awesome to see it start to grow.