New Gaming Rig

FGG New Rig

As a professional gamer, I need both my streaming and my gaming to be at the best level by utilizing quality and top performing products.  By itself, gaming can put some strain on your computer depending on the requirements of each game. When you add streaming to the equation you can add even more strain on your computer.

After spending time researching and determining what the best products were I decided I needed a new gaming rig!

-Fatal1ty ASRock Motherboard X79 champion series

-Fatal1ty Champion Series Sound Blaster Recon 3D Sound card

-Fatal1ty OCZ 1000W Power supply unit
-Processor sandy bridge e 3930k 3.2 ghz
-Ram 4×4 2133 g skills sniper series
-Graphics NVIDIA g force 680 gtxsli
-Case cooler master
-CPU cooler corsair h100i
-Monitor asus vg248

I am extremely confident that I will be tearing it up with this new computer set up. As you can tell, I have some Fatal1ty products thrown in there as they are developed specifically to get the most out of your gaming. I’ll be testing my new rig out in the next few days, so you should notice improvements in quality and smoothness when I stream.

On top of these awesome products, you can bet that I’m going to be overclocking the hell out of this computer. If you’re a real gamer, you’ll want to overclock your computer to push it to the max. Sure, this computer is awesome at its default, but when I overclock it it’s going to tear through everything I throw at it.


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