There were quite a few exclusive games announced for both the PS4 and the Xbox One this E3! I’d like to talk about a few of them and hear from you guys which ones you are most excited about! The first one I’m going to mention is Xbox One’s Sunset Overdrive. This game is a third-person shooter that has a cartoon-y art style. The story of the game is that a popular energy drink has started to turn everyone in the town into zombie-like mutants! Another that caught my eye was LittleBigPlanet 3 for the PS4! This game is much like previous installments in the series, but new characters such as a dog and a bird have been introduced. They will allow for much more varied and strategical gameplay! Another game that seemed interesting was Forza Horizon 2 for the Xbox One. It is going to be an open-world racing game with a ton of detail and realism. It is going to be taking place in southern Europe. Also, another game that seemed interesting is The Order 1886 for the PS4. It is a steampunk-y third person shooter set in a 19th century London. It has supernatural elements, and terrifying creatures roam the game.

Of course, there were a TON of other games that looked just as good as these! Which ones stuck out to you the most?


Johnathan Wendel aka Fatal1ty is a 12 Time World Champion Video Gamer in 5 different games and Founder of Fatal1ty Gaming Gear. Follow him on Twitter here.



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