Team Pandemic member and writer, Sam “oPlaiD” Lingle got together with Fatal1ty early this month to discuss reasons for his temporary hiatus in competing and all things CGS…

oPlaid: How hard is it for you to sit in the booth and watch this new generation of gamers take all the glory you’re accustomed to having? Do you ever think, “Man, I wish I could get in there and show these guys what it really means to be a pro gamer!”?

Fatal1ty: Ha… I know I can play, but right now I’m trying to grow the awareness of Pro Gaming to a mainstream audience to make this sport bigger! After it reaches that point and I’ve done as much as I can for gaming, I’m right back into the competition… I love competing and don’t plan to stop.

oPlaid: If the CGS suddenly decided to add Quake 4, which team would you hope drafted you and for what reasons?

Fatal1ty: Ha! I would probably go with Brian Flander’s Chicago Chimera. We’ve been friends, teammates, opponents… everything. I sponsored him for a little while and we’ve been friends for about nine years now.

But hey, he’s a champion dueler too, so if I had no one else to spar with, I could always spar with my manager ;))) sounds good to me…

As for him being manager, all he has to do is let me play my game.