On March 26th, a new PS4 software update rolled out. It added a few really nice new features. The PS4 is now able to keep applications suspended when it is in rest mode, this function can be enabled in the settings. You also are now able to back up data that is stored on your PS4 to a USB, this function is also enabled via the settings. You can upload video clips to Dailymotion now, and also change your accessibility settings like your zoom/button assignments. The Share Play function now has the option to change your video quality, and you are able to test your connection speed as a host to make sure your Internet speed is capable of handling it. Trophies have a few small added features like the ability to share trophy details as well as screenshots of scenes when you earn them. The settings have had a lot of additions, such as the ability to upgrad a sub account to a master account, and the ability to set your system software to update automatically. See all of these new changes and more here.

In addition to all of these nice software updates, Playstation Plus subscribers in April will be given another great line-up of free games, including Dishonored from Arkane Studios for the PS3, Never Alone for the PS4 which was a Game Developers Choice Award nominee, and Killzone: Mercenary for the PS Vita! Take a look here!

Which parts of the software update are you most excited about? Are you a PlayStation Plus subscriber? What are your favorite past or present perks?

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