PureOverclock takes a look at the Fatal1ty OCZ 750W PSU and gives it a Great Hardware Award.

PureOverclock Great Hardware Award

A few quotes from the review….

“When we look at the voltage regulation results, this is where the OCZ Falta1ty really stands out; it posts excellent results across the testing spectrum, even on the full system test.”

“Aesthetically speaking, the OCZ Fatal1ty 750W is a extraordinarily eye catching unit, and when plugged in, it lights up in a brilliant red. This is definitely a gamer’s power supply the way it is all dressed up.”

“The OCZ Fatality 750W comes with a price tag of approximately $120 USD, a reasonable price for this power segment. This is a very good all-around power supply for those users looking for a new unit.”

Check out the entire review at the link below….