Hey everyone.

QuakeCON 2012 was flawless from start to finish!

Had one of my best experiences I’ve had there in a long time, getting a chance to just chill in the BYOC with 2800 other gamers and game all night with friends was definitely surreal.  There was a lot of smack talking at this LAN, which made every kill / frag that much sweeter.  I’m already looking forward to QuakeCON 2013, and a game many of us are all probably waiting for, DOOM 4!!!  Other than that, every night was full of energy and got a lot of Quake Live in at this event.

Also played some League of Legends with some guys behind me in the BYOC which was pretty hilarious.  The first game didn’t go well at all, so I had a power meeting with all four of my teammates and asked them if they wanted to win.  They obviously all replied yes, so I told them there is going to be a lot of yelling from me, are you ready for that?  Of course willing we played the next game with me drilling every guy where to be almost every second and eventually prevailing to a huge win!  The funniest part of the whole thing though was me calling about Abe, and saying he was the weaklink.  Everyone laughed and on game 2 in warmup screen, I asked Abe what character you using?  He said “Olaf”…   I then proceded to type in the team game chat to everyone, “We’re ****ed”   🙂   Was awesome and really brought the whole team together to really dominate.

The final night at QuakeCON, I was walking through the BYOC with friends going back to my PC to game it up around 7am, and one of the admin volunteers at QuakeCON asked me if I wanted to volunteer 30 minutes of my time to do security bag check.  As I’m always spontaneous for adventures, I said most definitely!  I went over and helped them check bags for a while and mostly just cracked jokes for 30 minutes with all the guys.  Was definitely a blast to volunteer, even it was just only for 30 minutes.  Thats about it for here from QuakeCON.  Headed home tomorrow back to Las Vegas.

Play it to the Bone!