San Francisco Cloud Gaming Conference 2013

I’m excited to announce that I will travel to San Francisco for the San Francisco Cloud Gaming Conference. The attendance list is impressive, with more than 200 senior representatives attendees from10 countries. Upper management from Activision, Big Fish Games, Microsoft, Nintento, Cloud Union, Demonware, Rebellion, Sega , Sony, Ubisoft, Viacom, Wargaming, Zynga and many more will be there.  I may be a newcomer to the Cloud Gaming Scene but I sure am looking forward to talking with these major figures in the gaming industry about what the future holds for them…and for all us avid gamers.

I’ll be able to connect with the prestigious panel of leading developers who are behind the most successful gaming titles of 2013 as well as major cloud platforms and leading publishers and gain valuable insight into technologies which can influence the future of gaming. You can always learn from other moguls in the same industry and that is exactly why the SF Cloud Gaming Conference is held.

What sets this event apart from other gaming conferences is the realization that Cloud gaming needs a new approach. There are several crucial questions surrounding cloud gaming that every developer is interested in exploring. One is the evolution of cloud functionality against consoles. Two other equally important factors are player engagement and the server-potential to deliver smooth gaming play.

The incredible networking opportunities with world leading developers and publishers are an excellent way to get different perspectives on our exciting industry. No cloud gaming developer can steer away from the opportunity to hear inspirational and thought-provoking presentations.  As a professional gamer I look forward to sharing my own experiences and ideas that can improve the products that these talented people are developing.  Also, I can’t wait to check out the latest cloud games.

So, this should be a couple busy days in San Francisco.  With top management roundtables, live demos and audience Q&As I’m sure to learn a lot.  And the evening event parties should be lots of fun…all adding up to amazing opportunities to forge some new and lasting relationships.