ShootMania, the new Quake?

Recently I attended an eSports event called the IGN Pro League in Las Vegas. I had just gotten back from travelling to see family and decided to stop by. A couple of my friends were participating in the event, competing for a good amount of money in a tournament for the game ShootMania. It was pretty fun to be able to see some of my old Quake buddies and to be able to show them around Vegas. I did also get a chance to finally check out ShootMania!

A lot of people have been asking me to really start to play ShootMania however, I had been still undecided on whether I really wanted to dive head first into it or not. After actually watching the games in action at the event and seeing some high level play I find ShootMania to be really cool. Right now it looks like you really need to have good air rocket skills and rail gun aim (coupled with some good flick shots!) in order to succeed – which are all skills you can pick up after playing Quake for a good amount of time.

Now, if you have never played Quake it basically means being able to predict where your opponent moves and to line up an air projectile to hit your opponent straight on. No splash damage, no nothing, just straight up hitting those rockets!

ShootMania looks really fun, fast, and action packed, and I’m actually thinking about playing ShootMania just to check out how some things are in the game. I’m still not sure whether I want to (or have time) to really play the game competitively. I’m kind of itching to play it competitively after watching some of the games, but I don’t know just yet!! It makes sense that a lot of Quake players are transitioning over to ShootMania, since a lot of the skills you use in Quake can transfer over. The movement isn’t really Quake style but it is similar (though, think Quake 4 crouch sliding over Quake 3 jumping).