StarCraft 2 Heart
of the Swarm Launch

In case you’ve been living under a rock lately or just don’t follow the gaming world (which I find hard to believe if you’re reading my blog) then you know about the launch of the latest expansion for StarCraft 2, named “Heart of the Swarm”. Looking back at the launch, I was really impressed by Blizzard. They held events pretty much all over the world, advertisements on every major gaming website, and the development team even posted an AMA on Reddit with over 1,771 comments.

For those of you who don’t know, an AMA is basically an Ask Me Anything, in which the poster is opening himself up to questions from the community. He would then go through each one and give an answer. For the Heart of the Swarm launch, Dustin Browder, Alan Dabiri, and David Kim, some influential names from the StarCraft 2 development team, sat down to give fans a window into their world. If you’re fans of Blizzard, or even if you aren’t but curious about what it’s like on a development team for a game studio you should definitely check out this AmA. It’s almost 2,000 comments long and has a lot of great information.

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