Stuck in Clash of Clans

Remember recently how I wrote a blog about this new iPhone game I absolutely fell in love with called Clash of Clans? Well, I just got my first major complaint and it’s actually pretty frustrating. I’m stuck!! I managed to get myself stuck by leveling up my Town Hall way too quickly past level 6. Now if you’re not familiar with the game like I am, you would think,

“What’s the big deal with leveling up your Town Hall? How is that a bad thing”? Well, apparently leveling up your Town Hall too quickly when your other buildings aren’t maxed out for that level, will get you stuck. At that point, the game becomes pretty boring. It’s called a “Premature Town Hall”.

If this happens, then you get into a really nasty situation. Other buildings start to require even more resources. Upgrading resource collectors takes more time the higher in level they are. While these resource collectors are upgrading, you can’t collect from them, so you’re already in a rough spot. Clashing with other players’ clans becomes an obstacle as well. You either match up with players who have low resources, (so you end up spending even more resources just by attacking them), than what you would gain if you win the attack. You might also get matched up with higher skilled players who might have a large amount of resources. The problem here, is that they have insane defenses that you can’t break through! Better armies and attacks require upgrading certain things, which require more and more resources. (which you find yourself having less and less in this situation). See the pattern?


I really do love the game, it’s a great concept and it has been fun to play. I’m just in a really tough spot and doing some research suggests it’s either impossible or incredibly difficult to get out of the premature Town Hall situation. This is in my opinion, is a huge oversight that takes the fun out of the game. The only way I realized that this was an actual problem, was when I researched it online. My tip would be to never upgrade your Town Halls unless every other building is maxed out for that level. My other tip would be to not farm trophies too quickly. You’ll start to get attacked by higher level players, and you’ll always lose because your defense just isn’t as sharp. It seems as though you’ll need to find the perfect balance of things when you’re playing this game, which can really mess things up if you don’t!