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Kate Russell investigates the burgeoning competitive computer games circuit. She delves into the lives of the people who make money and travel the world playing video games and learns of the s

acrifices that elite performers have to make to be the best in Britain.

Concerns have been raised over the fitness of these players, with some studies linking the sedentary lifestyles of the younger generation with a rise of diabetes and obesity. However, the gamers claim that the speed, reactions and dexterity of the best players mean they should be labelled as sportsmen.

Dr Dominic Micklewright, a sceptic from the department of biological sciences at Essex University, puts some of the UK’s top players through a battery of physical and psychological tests to investigate this theory. Do they have the reactions of fighter pilots as they claim?

While the computer games industry is now part of mainstream life in Britain, with the launch of a new game taking more than a Hollywood movie, the competitive side of the industry remains of niche interest. Kate goes behind the scenes at major tournaments to try to find out if the young players are the best ambassadors for an industry that already struggles with image problems.

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