The Stinky Footboard

Just a few days ago, I was observing a Kickstarter campaign for a new type of PC game controller going by the name of “The Stinky Footboard”. Why am I talking about this particular Kickstarter campaign? Well, this revolutionary controller has been turning heads in the video game industry recently and seems to have the community behind it as well! After its successful Kickstarter campaign concluded, raising a total of $79,562 and surpassing its original targeted goal of $75,000, “The Stinky Footboard” this new controller definitely has gamers intrigued.

As its name might hint, this product gives your feet some additional control over the game you’re playing. Want to be able to cast a spell, sprint, crouch, jump, or kick something at the press of your feet? With this controller you could. Imagine having this while you’re playing Quake!

The Stinky Footboard doesn’t replace a standard keyboard or mouse, but is in addition to your regular game controllers. This essentially gives you a huge advantage as it provides extra control for in-game actions that you can execute more effectively and with the added convenience of being under your feet!

I think the idea is definitely the next “step” in gaming controls. As long as it feels natural and adds to your current gaming setup, I’m all for it.

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