Titanfall Patch Adds Content and Fixes Bugs

A new Titanfall patch has rolled out for the PC and Xbox One that released the beta for private matches, which allows you to organize matches with your friends, among other things. It supports from 2 to 12 players, and you can choose any maps or modes to play in! It also adds options like round time and score limits. This is a great feature for those just looking to play casually with friends or even to organize tournaments! Other additions with this update include party colors so that your party members show up as green instead of blue that other friendlies use, and a few menu chances including the “Play Multiplayer” option now being the default. A couple of game balance changes were made, and quite a few bugs were fixed! You can see the details on the Titanfall site. Is there anything particular about the update you really enjoy? What about dislike?

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