I love playing tons of games, not just FPS games…  I do this a lot, actually when I’m training for a tournament.  It relaxes me and gets me to focus on something else to relieve me of the intense practicing…  So when you’re training for upcoming tournaments, don’t feel it has to be 24/7 training and no fun…    You need to enjoy training for the big tournament…

Second…  I personally feel at tournaments it’s usually cold.  So I like to wear long sleeve jackets or pull overs to keep me very warm and especially keep my hands/arms as warm as possible.  I feel if my hands get cold, I tighten up, and can’t perform at 100%.  I’ll be very slow and not very fast to react.  So being warm is huge for me to keep my calm.

Third…  Sometimes when I get nervous or a lot of people I see get nervous, they are bouncing their knee up and down endlessly during the match…  Uhhh, that only gives more tendency for other parts of your body to bounce around and cause more nervousness…  So what I do is, cross my legs…  If you see me in almost any tournament, I always have my lower ankles crossed to protect from the bouncing knee…  It works perfectly!

Fourth…  Practice, practice, practice….  After you practice so much, everything becomes innate and pressure almost never comes up.  You’re so used to playing, you forget to even be nervous.   So if you’re well prepared, all you have to do is worry about using good strategy and out playing your opponent.

I hope this helps some of you out and feel free to ask any questions in the comments if you have more questions about being nervous in tournaments.  I always love answering these type of questions on how to perform when it gets tough…