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Trying Firefall Out

If you’ve been following me lately, you know that I’ve been streaming quite a bit these days.  One of the games I’ve been playing a lot lately has been Firefall, an awesome new FPS game that’s currently in closed beta. I’ve been playing Firefall a lot with some of my friends, and it’s pretty good. I have high hopes for Firefall. I think it has a lot of good potential.

If you’ve never heard of Firefall or tried it out, it’s basically an MMO FPS with a bit of MMORPG, in simple terms it’s taking the FPS concept and mixing it with the World of Warcraft concept. Pretty neat idea to be honest!

Firefall is about a new dark age for mankind. An asteroid that was predicted to miss Earth instead hit the moon that created shards that also hit the Earth. The asteroid wasn’t done just yet, as it continued to peel off and hit the Earth. Not only did the asteroid turn the world into a new dark age, but it also led to the discovery of a new element called crystite. This crystite could offer limitless power to the world, and so humanity sought more of it. In their desire for more they ended up creating their rivals for the game with their attempts at transporting more crystite back to the world. They tore a hole in space and The Melding, a giant storm, formed and created a new race called The Chosen. This new race has come to attack humanity, and players have to get rid of The Melding and The Chosen.

It all sounds pretty crazy, but once you get into the Firefall and start playing, it’s really cool! I think Red 5 Studios, the makers of the game, did a pretty good job. Firefall is only in closed beta too! I’ve been playing it a lot lately, and streaming too. It’s only been like a week so far but I’m still learning everything. So if you see me streaming just add me and we’ll play. If you guys need help farming items just let me know. Add me and we can farm some stuff together.