I am very impressed with this Upcoming Game Release because it is very unique and quite original. It is a mixture between first-person shooter and rhythm game. It is called Chroma, it’s from the studio that brought Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Chroma is exclusively for the PC and is a free to play title. Players have to keep each shot in tune with the beat of the song. As a player, movements in the game have to be perfectly in tune with the song playing in the background.


There are five classes to choose from each with varying weapons and abilities to choose from. Assault class in Chroma is the only typical first person shooter class. The Engineer requires the player to fully understand rhythm.The reason is that the weapons the Engineer uses requires you to match the beat of the music. The next class is the sneak class. The great thing about this class is that the sniper rifle can fire at any time. But the second weapon used by the sneak class gives players a damage multiplier for each consecutive fire that matches the beat.


The main weapon of the support class doesn’t require the player to be in tune with the music and can fire at will. As the support class player you can use a healing beam to heal your teammates as well as use a shield for protection. Of course what game wouldn’t be complete without the tank class. Just like the support class, the tank class can use a weapon that can be fired at will. Not only does the background music affect your weapons but also how move how you move around on the map.


I cannot wait for Chroma to be released. Another game worth checking out because it is very unique and original. In my opinion it is a much needed game in the first-person shooter genre which can sometimes lack variety. If you aren’t into first-person shooters this game might change your mind. In my opinion it is unlike any other first-person shooter in its genre. Set to be released this fall only on PC.


Pat HeadshotPat Servin  is a freelance writer from Michigan. Besides writing about games for Fatal1ty,she can be found writing for Killstreakmedia. Follow her on Twitter @Pica84.