Fatal1ty-Inflation-FB-BlogUpside Down Australian Game Prices

Many people in the United States feel paying $60, or $70 for the newer release video games is completely absurd! While they may have a point, game prices in the United States are significantly smaller compared to the price gamers in Australia pay.  At the time I’m writing this, pre-orders for the new Grand Theft Auto V were going for over 118 Australian dollars! (the Aussie dollar is worth 1.03 American dollars.) Can you imagine paying 120 United States dollars to preorder the new Grand Theft Auto? People would be outraged and disgusted, and the game would most likely not sell!

However in Australia, game prices like these are not that uncommon. The high price of gaming in Australia has been documented and studied before, and is linked mostly with the population per square mile of Australia, and the cost of distribution to that area of the world. The big distributors in Australia link the high prices to many things, one of them being parallel import restrictions. This law restricts individuals from purchasing products cheaper overseas, importing them to their country, and reselling at a better profit than if they bought the product locally. Many people believe they charge so much simply because they have the ability to. There is not much competition in Australia in this area yet, so companies can get away with charging such ridiculous prices for a video game.