Valve is Now Collaborating with Oculus VR

The recent Steam Dev Days conference in Seattle has everyone buzzing about Valve’s new virtual reality prototype. The hardware is said to even be better than the new “Crystal Cove” Oculus Rift prototype that was recently revealed at CES. The device is made for use in a room tailored for virtual reality. It has cameras on the front of the headset unit that track patterns on the wall so that it can have extremely precise positional tracking. Even the Oculus VR co-founder reportedly called the hardware “the best virtual reality demo in the world.”

The virtual reality panel at Steam Dev Days stated that the prototype is for research purposes only, but that research will then be shared with Oculus VR. Valve also claims that virtual reality headsets will reach 20 millisecond latency, a 110 degree field of view, and millimeter-accurate tracking. These specs would solve a lot of the main VR problems that designers are currently struggling with.

What do you think about the recent developments with virtual reality?