War Z: The Zombie Apocalypse Hype

War Z











Remember how I mentioned liking Day Z? You know, the mod made for the game ArmA 2 about a zombie apocalypse that became such a huge success that the company brought the dude who created the mod on board to create its own standalone version? Well, seems like another contender is in the running for being an awesome zombie apocalypse game, a game called War Z.

While Day Z is more about a realistic survival simulator as if you actually were in the middle of thousands of zombies trying to eat your brains, War Z has more of an arcade feel to it, making it more of a game rather than a survival simulator. Right now War Z is in that awkward Alpha/Beta phase, it looks pretty good but it still has some kinks to work out before moving forward. Still I’ve been playing War Z quite a bit these days and War Z has been really fun! Granted, War Z does have a few hackers, and PvP is just annoying as it really does have a shoot on sight mentality. But, chalk that up to it being Alpha or Closed Beta. If the developer tackles these issues correctly, I can really see myself playing War Z a lot more. Hell, this is your very own Walking Dead universe!

I don’t know if it’s because it was Halloween season or if these companies are on to a whole new genre in the video games industry like what Valve and Riot Games did for the MOBA genre, but from the video game community’s reception to both games War Z is a new type of game that many, including myself, have been itching for!

– Fatal1ty