There are now 3 new single-player missions available for Watch Dogs through the new DLC! Along with these missions are other new additions. The missions are $6.99 for those without a season pass. The missions are titled The Palace, Signature Shot, and Breakthrough. The Palace has you infiltrating the house of a big Internet mongul before the police so that you can find information on Aiden and Desec. You have to break in and wide the information before the police raid happens, as well as taking out the mogul. Signature Shot has you breaking into Viceroy for a biometric weapon that has been smuggled in. The rifle only will fire for the first person who imprints their palm on the handle. Breakthrough includes driving, assassination, and plenty of meyhem! You also will have access to the Auto-6 pistol, new outfits, and plenty of perks and boosts. Some interesting boosts that will be added include an ATM Hack boost, a Driving Master boost, and a Blume Weapon boost.

Which of these three missions are you most excited for? Is there any aspect about this DLC that you are excited for in particular?

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